Fuelling your reason “Y” to ignite action



At SHYFT, we believe that the key to fulfilment is motion – having the courage to make a SHYFT by first uncovering and fuelling your reason why.



Our mission is to help you make the small SHYFTs in your thinking and in your actions that will have the biggest impact in your project, accelerating you from where you have stalled to your desired destination.



SHYFT Values

Verifying Visions

At our very core, it is our ‘why’ that drives us. It’s what motivates and ignites our spirit. When we lose sight of our vision, our existence seems meaningless, and we simply wander, aimlessly.

That’s why we are passionate about helping you become clear about your vision, your ‘why’ – from crafting it, to redefining it, to ultimately reigniting your drive in your project.

tunnel vision

Affecting Actions

The sign of a new decision is a new ‘action’. Nonetheless, taking action can be a challenge when it can be overwhelming at times to start, or when there always seems to be roadblocks.

That’s why we are passionate about inspiring you to act towards your defined vision through simplifying the process and helping you remove the obstacles, whether they are real or ‘real’ in your mind.

Pooling Passions

As human beings, we can only do so much alone. The outcomes that can be achieved when we bring together multiple skills and talents is far greater than when we are trying to learn and do it all ourselves.

That’s why we are passionate about helping you rediscover your strengths – the unique skills and talents that feel natural to you, which you enjoy the most – while connecting you with other go-getters who strengthen you with their complementing passions.

Enabling Excellence

Excellence is a road, not a destination. When you are following your heart and working towards a vision that inspires you, there is never an ‘end point’ – there will always be room to improve and grow on that path towards excellence.

That’s why we are passionate about helping you take pit stops to assess the outcomes, review the process and always return to the vision that fuels your spirit.

Our Founder

Raihanaty A Jalil is an Entrepreneur, Educator and Writer, living our mission and values, involved in multiple business and personal projects. To learn more about Raihanaty, visit and her LinkedIn profile.

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