Amanda Hunt, State Director of Mission Australia for Western and South Australia

After setting up her company, ‘SHYFT Coaching’, Raihanaty A Jalil generously offered to help me reach my goals for 2015: seek ways to strengthen financial stability and overcome my struggle with balancing personal creativity with energy for professional work.

During the time we worked together, I have gained insight into how to turn my strengths into strategies, and a greater awareness of how to tap into the factors that motivate me. The goals that we set at the start of the process were kept in focus as we worked together, and I felt that I gained extended knowledge over our original plan for the future that I was hoping to create.

Raihanaty’s natural curiosity and cultural style enabled our coaching conversations to be honest and comfortable. At the same time, I found Raihanaty’s strong guidance and gentle challenges to remain accountable a great inspiration for me to take consistent positive action. Raihanaty supplemented our conversations with follow up information that enabled even greater results (for example, her research into credit accounts will help me to save over $1000 in debts). She was highly flexible, but reliably firm with the times set for our meetings.

Our collaboration has led to tangible outcomes for me, such as a significantly improved financial situation and the ability to remain focused on personal projects while being productive professionally.

I recommend Raihanaty Abdul Jalil to anyone who is seeking ‘shifts’ in any area of their life, since my time working with her over three months was truly transformative.

Aminah Stacey from Little Sweet Tooth Cakery


Since I rather not attach myself to one label of interest, I consider myself a baker, business woman, student and a health and fitness fanatic. However for most, I am known as the cake and cupcake girl that runs a little home baking business. As my passion for all things that seemed contrary to each other grew, and the demand for cakes and cupcakes became excitingly overwhelming, my dreams to nurture what is only a pair of hands behind it all, needed to be flourished. I was reluctant to abandon any other aspects of my life which I felt was thriving my willingness of success in all the factors that defined me, therefore I hoped to keep my baking business small, home based and advertised only through social media.

However, although keen for achievements for this business, I was worried that my time management, multitasking and prioritising skills were not sufficient enough to be able to carry this out. I doubted my capabilities. This was when I felt it was the right time to work with Raihanaty.

The saying is all too common; “we are our toughest critics”. I neither considered this true on my behalf or something I would do until my sessions with Raihanaty begun. What I brought to Raihanaty was concern that I could not juggle all the things I was passionate about in my life and consequently would have to eliminate one. After just one session with Raihanaty she helped me understand that my judgements were blinded by my own criticism of overthinking, negativity and reading into things which primarily were non-existent. She really did play the role of a coach that examined the situation from the border, judging what is realistic, transparent and true. As the sessions continued it became clear that neither my time management nor multitasking strategies were an issue to begin with, however a stronger force that disguised itself behind my passion.

It felt like Raihanaty deciphered the source of my stress, brought it onto the table and begun demolishing it piece by piece. She coached me through strategies dealing with difficulties, thought processes, conflict resolutions, spiritual awakening and understanding the needs of people. Acting upon what Raihanaty and I would discuss each week was challenging, but needless to say after each motivating session I had a big cloud of courage and would tackle the leech that held a part of me. With every single burnt file I became more and more empowered. With Raihanaty’s strategies to resolve conflict, it did not fail me, not once.

My name is Aminah Stacey and I am a strong, empowered and independent woman that chooses to fill her life with what she is most passionate about. What I allowed to bottle up, subtly poisoned my enjoyments in life. With the help of Raihanaty and her coaching I confronted the matters head on. If you are battling something that you choose to box up, taped, wrapt and hid away at the back of your conscience, it needs to be taken apart and dealt with. Everyone has the right to feel free from unnecessary attachments that are holding them back and Raihanaty is the exact Joan of Arc to help you to your liberation.

Jourdan Sungkar from Infinitism Mag talking about his experience working with Raihanaty A Jalil, going from an idea to the official magazine launch in approximately 10 months.